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DSM Update

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has announced revisions to the DSM 5, released in March 2022 as the DSM-TR. According to the APA, the DSM-5-TR includes revised text, clarifications to diagnostic criteria, incorporation of information on the impact of racism and discrimination on mental disorders, and updates to ICD-10-CM codes since 2013. Read more here

On Friday February 11th, the Oklahoma Board of Behavioral Health conducted its regularly scheduled board meeting. Along with waiving the face-to-face continuing education requirements for LPC and LMFT clinicians, the board also created a committee to consider potential board rule changes.” See link for entire article. Gov. Stitt's executive order mandates that for every new regulation put into place, two current regulations must be removed. To recommend rules to be added, modified, or removed, contact the Oklahoma State Board of Behavioral Health before the April 8th Board meeting.

Important Update

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